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Teenage Problems by: Ashkan Sobhe


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The author of this research paper has never heard of a teenager who wrote a book about teenagers and their problems. It is always adults who write books about teenagers and their problems but it doesn’t seem like they go through the exact pain that teenagers go, or they can never feel the things that teenagers do. They might have, but still it’s not the same thing as a teenager writing a book about themselves and their problems. That’s why the writer chose this topic to study on and this has been his dream since he was only 12 years old; to help other teenagers who feel the same way as he does.


Adolescent is the most important period of life because this is where personality of a human being is formed; and basically the foundation of life is adolescence.


This paper is about teenagers and their problems. The author talks about the different kind of problems that teenagers deal with the most; for example, alcohol, smoking, suicide, drugs, pregnancy, and relationships with their parents and society.


The writer chose this topic because he felt the need for it and since he is a teenager himself, he wanted to help his friends and other adolescents who have problems with their friends, parents, teachers, school, society, and etc. The researcher, noticed the major problems that affect teenagers’ lives and their performances in their schools.   


You can hear screams, cussing, shouting, yelling and you can see fighting going on between teenagers and their parents all the time; and you hear teenagers saying that their parent don’t understand them.


The author believes that all teenagers and parents need to read this paper for so many reasons. One of them is that, generally speaking, there has been always a gap between kids and parents; but this paper can help both sides to close the gap plus make both, teenagers and parents aware of the dangers that face teenagers until they mature.


This paper can be a big help for everyone; Teenage problems is everybody’s problem and business; because every single person has something to do with teenagers. For example, you maybe a teenager one day, or you are already a teenager. You are a parent or you may be a parent in the future who will have a teenager. By reading this paper, you can help kids or even yourself in the adolescent period that is the most important period of life.


I may fight with my parents too. I may have trouble making them understand what I go through. I may have this feeling that they expect too much from me. I may have this feeling that they don’t understand me. But I never give up like some other teenagers do. Most probably you have heard this phrase very often by almost every teenager “I cannot take this anymore.” I used that a few times too, but I never really meant it.


Committing suicide is one of the dangers that face teenagers. You have to get over things and committing suicide does not solve anything and it does not make you happy; it simply makes you dead. Plus, obviously it’s not smart to commit suicide. When someone decides to commit suicide, it means he/she already gave up. You prove to everyone that you were so weak that you chose to commit suicide instead of facing and solving your problems.


The other solution that comes to teenagers’ mind, when they have problems of any kind, is drugs and alcohol. Some of us, teenagers, think smoking or drinking calms us down and keeps us away from the things that we go through or it stops us from thinking about our hurtful problems. Even though drugs or alcohol may work for a couple of hours, it adds more problems on top of the other ones and that’s getting addicted to those kinds of habits which are not easy to drop. Now, they control you instead of you controlling them and the more you smoke or drink, the more they control you.


This paper helps you get more information about yourself and the way you should face problems that you encounter.  Keep this in mind that the first key is “NEVER GIVE UP!