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Teenage Problems by: Ashkan Sobhe


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Please take a few moments and answer these questions. It would be a big help. Keep this in mind that this questionnaire is only for research purposes. If there is a question that you really do not want to answer, you can simply skip it and please be honest and give the best answer to each question.

1- What is your gender?male
2- How old are you?
3- Have you ever smoked? explain
4- Have you ever drunk alcoholic beverages? explain
5- Have you ever had sex? If yes, how many times? and explain what happened. Did you want it or it just happened or someone pushed you?
6- Do you like living with your parents?
7- Do you believe in God or any religion?
8- What bothers you the most?
9- What makes you happy?
10- Who do you follow as a model in your life?
11- Do you have a target or a goal in your life?
12- Do you feel lost and/or confused?
13- Do you have a best buddy to talk to?
14- Tell me your thoughts and talk a little bit about the problems that you have?
15- Have you ever thought about committing suicide? and what happened?
16- Do you have somebody that you care about? explain
17- Do you have somebody who cares about you? explain
18- Can you be on your own in taking care of yourself? DO you need someone to help you with your life or you can be on your own?
19- What do you do when you are really broken and down?
20- What do you usually do when you have free time or nothing to do?
21- Do you play any kind of instrument?
22- Are you happy with who you are and what you have got?
23- What would you do if you were you mom or your dad to make your child happier?
24- Would you go to school if you had the choice of going to school or not?
25- What is your biggest dream?
26- Do you like having children? and if yes, how would you treat them?
27- Is there anything else that you would like me to know about you or our peers?
28- How Have You Heard About This Website?
29- If you want, you can type your email address here so I can contact you give you a few suggestions that maybe helpful for you
30- Please Choose a nick-name for yourself so I can answer your questions and thank you for your comments


There are teenagers all over; Most of them have problems with their parents, friends, their teachers, their schools, their society, and etc. So try to help them in anyway possible.


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me!