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Teenage Problems by: Ashkan Sobhe

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Dear visitor,
Thank you so much for visiting this web site. This web site was meant to be a help for Teenagers and help them with their problems. I did a research and used veriaty of sources and gathered all these information. Most of these informations are not mine. I have no intetion in plagiarism; all I want is to help my peers. So, please if you see anything on this web site that I have not mentioned the source for, or anything that seems familiar and you have seen it before and you know what their sources are, please contact me immediately so I can either take those information down or after asking for a permition from their author, mention their source and use them. my email address is

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     My name is Ashkan Sobhe, a senior at Beverly Hills High School, Los Angeles, California (2005). I am doing a research project on Teenage Problems. I thought publishing my research project on the World Wide Web would be a great idea; so everybody could have access to the information, I have gathered, very easily. I believe Teenage Problems, Is Everybody's Problem. Why do I say so?! I tell you why; because you are either a teenager or you will be a teenager or you may have a child later on or you have a friend that you can help him/her with his/her problems.

     Adolescence is the most important period of life, because in this period of life your personality develops and all your life is affected by this period of life.

     That’s why I came up with the idea of designing a web site about teenage problems.

     I'm a teenager too and I am from Iran. It's been a while that I moved to the U.S. My family and I moved to the U.S. because we realized that there are more opportunities in here than where we used to live. I was born in 11/09/1986 in Iran and I lived there most of my life.

     I have traveled to different countries like Germany, England, Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia. I have been in all of those countries and I have seen their cultures; but they all have one thing in common and that their people. People never change from one country to the other. Even though their skin color changes, even though their language changes, even though their way of living changes, their problems don’t change. The only thing that changes about their problems is the way they look. For example, a teenager in Iran, in a small village doesn't have a cell phone, thus he shouldn't be worried about phone bills. He doesn't have to work harder to pay for his car insurance like some teenagers do in America.

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